The 2019 Sea Turtle Season in Cancun has officially started


Today the Department of Ecology in Cancun has issued the official permits for the registered sea turtle protection corrals. This year is expected to be a very strong season and much higher numbers of female turtles laying eggs on the sandy beaches in the popular vacation destination should be seen.

2018 was one of the lowest seasons in numbers over the last years, but this is no reason for concern as the mother turtles do not come every year and it is pretty common to see this every 3-4 years.

Volunteers and the private subsidized protection corrals are gearing up for the first arrivals and when you are lucky to visit Cancun this year you can identify the participating partners (that comply with all the requirements) by this banner that must be published on the fenced off areas:

Permit for the Sea Turtle Protection Corrals in Cancun 2019

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