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On the CancunTurtles blog we publish information on our current work, facts and background details about the sea turtles, personal opinions of our volunteers and guest posts that have been submitted to us (If you would like to share your “turtle” story, please get in touch with us!).

My first Green Sea Turtle Experience
In this story I would like to share my first experience with sea turtles that has left a deep impression l will never forget. It is wonderful that I also involved my wife and both of my kids and had them take part as active volunteers in the project. I think by reading this, many of you that had the privilege of being part of this, will recall fond memories. 
Why plastic is a deadly attraction for sea turtles
Scientists have additional evidence to explain why plastic is dangerous to sea turtles: the animals mistake the scent of plastic for food. A plastic bag floating in the sea not only looks like a jellyfish, but it also gives off a similar scent.
The impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the 2020 Sea Turtle Season
With the contingency caused by COVID-19, authorities, hoteliers and environmentalists of the Cancun-Puerto Morelos tourist corridor are preparing to attend the new sea turtle nesting season for 2020, but this year without a volunteer program.
Mother Sea Turtle & Babies – side by side
 It is really rare to see a mother sea turtle side by side with baby sea turtles. Usually the mothers only come ashore to make the nest and deposit the eggs. Once done they never return for their offspring.
Possible impact of Seaweed Barriers for the Turtle Population
Obviously one of the mayor attractions of visiting Cancun are those beautiful beaches accompanied by the warm water of the Caribbean Sea. Exactly this is now under thread by a natural phenomenon: Seaweed (Sargassum – a brown macroalga originating from the Atlantic Ocean's Sargasso Sea).
The 2019 Sea Turtle Season in Cancun has officially started
Today the Department of Ecology in Cancun has issued the official permits for the registered sea turtle protection corrals. This year is expected to be a very strong season and much higher numbers of female turtles laying eggs on the sandy beaches in the popular vacation destination should be seen.
How many sea turtle nests were protected in Cancun so far?
Today the Secretary of Ecology invited all parties that are participating in their Sea Turtle Protection Program to a meeting. Among other topics they announced this years numbers of collected and protected sea turtle nests as of September 5.
Lots of lovely hatchlings and more mother turtles
It’s the end of August and time to give you an update. So far this year has been amazing with never before seen numbers of mother turtles coming to our beach section to nest.
Hooray! We have baby turtles!
While still huge numbers of mother turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs, yesterday in the early morning hours the first baby turtles of the sea turtle season 2017 from nest 1 and 2 hatched.
More turtles and second extension of our protection area
Only 9 days after extending our protection area for the first time and already fearing we went a little bit over the top, the huge new space was nearly full yesterday and we had to make room for more turtle nests.