How many sea turtle nests were protected in Cancun so far?

How many sea turtle nests were protected in Cancun so far?

Today the Secretary of Ecology invited all parties that are participating in their Sea Turtle Protection Program to a meeting. Among other topics they announced this years numbers of collected and protected sea turtle nests as of September 5.

This year 48 hotels and residence complexes in Cancun participate in the “Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation Program” (“Programa de Protección y Conservación de Tortugas Marinas) of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, to which the beaches in and around Cancun belong.

Each participating hotel and residence is financing their own protection corral and assigns employees, especially hires staff or organizes volunteers for this project. These “tortugeros” patrol the beach at night, protect the nesting turtles, collect the eggs, bury them in their protection corral, clean nests and release the lovely baby turtles as soon as they hatch.

Due to the huge number of mother turtles nesting this year many participants including the Secretary of Ecologia, who operates 3 protection corrals this year, reached their limits regarding manpower, finances and space.

Nevertheless, so far a total of 8,925 mother sea turtles were attended in 2017 on Cancun beaches and their eggs were and still are protected in the different corrals.

While there are quite a few hotels and residences that collected between 200 and 400 nests, even one with nearly 550, we once again stood out. From the 8,925 nests, we alone collected and guard 1,217; that’s a staggering 13.6% of the total.

Thanks to all that made this numbers possible and still help to manage them.

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