Mother Sea Turtle & Babies – side by side


 It is really rare to see a mother sea turtle side by side with baby sea turtles. Usually the mothers only come ashore to make the nest and deposit the eggs. Once done they never return for their offspring.

 The rare pictures we are sharing with you were captured by one of our volunteers during the nightly beach patrols. At the beginning the idea was to collect the eggs the turtle was supposed to deposit and secure them in the protection corral, but suddenly there were baby turtles all around. 

The mother turtle decided to dig the nest right on top of an existing nest from another turtle and as the babies were ready to leave, they got some "help" to remove the remaining sand on top of them.

It is amazing to see the size difference between the adult turtle and the little ones.

At the end all the baby turtles were recovered to avoid being harmed by the adult turtle due to her weight and released close to the shore right away.
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