Hooray! We have baby turtles!

Hooray! We have baby turtles!

While still huge numbers of mother turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs, yesterday in the early morning hours the first baby turtles of the sea turtle season 2017 from nest 1 and 2 hatched.

In the late afternoon we opened both nests, removed empty eggs shells and as well a few undeveloped eggs. During this cleaning process, we found another few baby turtles trapped underneath all the trash that we helped to make their way out of the nest.

Anyway, yesterday evening we were able to do our first official release. We were stunned when about 90 people including lots of children came to our protection area to see the little ones and to learn more about the protection program, the sea turtles and our work.

Releasing the first hatchlings of this season was once again an amazing and extremely rewarding experience. Thanks to everyone that made the release with such a huge number of participants a success.

Please note: During the next two weeks or so, we will only have releases every few days and with very few turtles. By mid to end of August however the releases will be more regular and we should have huge number of baby turtles.

Lots of lovely hatchlings and more mother turtles
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