Lots of lovely hatchlings and more mother turtles

Lots of lovely hatchlings and more mother turtles

It’s the end of August and time to give you an update.

So far this year has been amazing with never before seen numbers of mother turtles coming to our beach section to nest.

Until today we collected a staggering 1,156 – yes, one thousand one hundred and fifty six – nests with 135,057 eggs; and there are still mums coming at night looking for the perfect spot to deposit their eggs.

Already 285 nests hatched in our protection corral and we were able to release 28,436 tiny baby sea turtles. And there are lots more in the coming weeks.

While cleaning quite a few nests a couple of days ago we discovered two extremely rare albino green sea turtle babys. These beautiful, tiny creatures were both absolutely healthy and eager to reach the ocean.

However, with no camouflage, these little ones are an easy prey for predators and their chances of survival are unfortunately almost zero. Nevertheless, we released the two pale baby turtles together with their brothers and sisters .... who knows, probably the one or other can beat the odds.

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