More turtles and second extension of our protection area

More turtles and second extension of our protection area

Only 9 days after extending our protection area for the first time and already fearing we went a little bit over the top, the huge new space was nearly full yesterday and we had to make room for more turtle nests.

So yesterday afternoon we started digging again, placed new wooden posts and fixed more fence to the new stakes.

The enlargement allows us to accommodate an additional 350 nests; in total our corral can now shelter about 1000 nests.

And it seems we really need this space. As of today we protect an unbelievable 638 nests with over 75,000 eggs; only in July we have collected 492 nest with more than 58,000 eggs; that’s an average of 20 nests per night.

And while most turtles come to the beach in the evening or at night to nest and return to the ocean when it’s cooler and dark, this morning we had another mum being “home” late. Only in the early morning hours, when the sun already was up, she made her way back to the waters.

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