We've done it!

We've done it!

Yesterday our last two nests hatched and we could release another 67 baby sea turtles. With this our sea turtle season is over and it’s time to “balance the books”.

After a very rocky start of the 2016 sea turtle season in Cancun with nearly no mother turtles coming in May and June, we were still able to collect 422 nests during the rest of the season and protect 49,430 eggs in our protection corral. While these numbers are “only” 60% of last year’s result, it’s still the second-best result ever on the beach area assigned to us.

  • 417 of the nests protected by us were laid by Green Sea Turtles, 4 nests by Loggerhead Sea Turtles and 1 by a Hawksbill Sea Turtle mom.
  • In total we could release 43,637 hatchlings into the ocean; 43,154 green sea turtle babys, 395 Loggerhead hatchlings and 88 Hawksbill babys.
  • A staggering 88.3% of the collected eggs hatched under our care.

With no more nests to protect, we dismantled and removed our protection corral. Next year in May a hopefully successful sea turtle season starts again.

And last but not least a huge thank you to our volunteers and supporters! Without you we wouldn’t have been able to once again reach such incredible results. Thank you!

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