Results of Cancun’s Sea Turtle season 2016

Results of Cancun’s Sea Turtle season 2016

First of all a Happy New Year to all our followers, volunteers and friends.

A few weeks ago the last baby turtles hatched and were released into the ocean; and finally we got the end results for the sea turtle season 2016 for whole Cancun. According to the Department of Ecology, the ones responsible for the program:

  • this year 42 protection corrals participated in the “Sea Turtle Protection and Management Program” (“Programa de Protección y Manejo de Tortugas Marinas) of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, to which the beaches in and around Cancun belong.
  • a total of 3,338 mother sea turtles nested on Cancun’s beaches in 2016, a minus of over 60% compared to 2015 - from these we collected and guarded 422 nests; that’s a staggering 13% of the total.
  • 3,180 Green Sea Turtles, 97 Loggerhead Sea Turtles and 61 Hawksbill Sea Turtles laid their eggs on Cancun beaches; at the part of the beach we patrolled 417 Green, 4 Loggerhead and 1 Hawksbill Sea Turtle came ashore and nested.
  • during the Cancun sea turtle season 2016, 380,260 eggs were protected along the beaches, as well a minus of over 60% compared to 2015 – from these we looked after 49,430 eggs; that’s as well an amazing 13% of the total.
  • 315,628 baby turtles were release in 2016, a minus of nearly 65% compared to 2015 - from these 43,637 hatched in our protection corral and were liberated by us; that’s an incredible 14% of the total.

Even though the 2016 sea turtle season was so different from the one in 2015 and at the beginning really frustrating, we are proud that our hard work and the long hours at the beach once again paid off. We are very pleased that we were able to contribute with such amazing results to the Sea Turtle Protection Program.

To end our sea turtle adventure for this year we want to thank all the volunteers helping us making a difference. A special thanks again goes to J and AD.

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