What a crazy sea turtle season – Update July 10

What a crazy sea turtle season – Update July 10

The last 10 days at the beach have been really crazy with 9 to 20 (!) turtles laying eggs each night. This brings us to a total of 273 nests with more than 32,000 eggs that we currently protect in our corral; 30% more than in 2015 at the same time and an increase of 120% compared to last year.

Considering that July and August are sea turtle nesting peak months here in Cancun, it’s not exaggerated to assume that we will have some busy and interesting weeks ahead of us; at least if it’s continuing like this.

And this as well leaves us with another “problem”: our protection corral, designed for approx. 320 to 350 nests, is filling up quickly and we will have to expand it in the next few days creating more space for all the nests.

Protection Corral extended
Mom is coming home late!

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