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On the CancunTurtles blog we publish information on our current work, facts and background details about the sea turtles, personal opinions of our volunteers and guest posts that have been submitted to us (If you would like to share your “turtle” story, please get in touch with us!).

Protection Corral extended
With quite large numbers of sea turtles nesting on our beach this year, our protection corral filled up quickly and two days ago we had no more space for new nests. So exactly 1 month after originally building our corral we had to extend the protection area yesterday.
What a crazy sea turtle season – Update July 10
The last 10 days at the beach have been really crazy with 9 to 20 (!) turtles laying eggs each night. This brings us to a total of 273 nests with more than 32,000 eggs that we currently protect in our corral; 30% more than in 2015 at the same time and an increase of 120% compared to last year.
Mom is coming home late!
This poor Green Sea Turtle had a “rough” night out. She arrived on our beach at around 04:45 am and was really struggling finding the perfect spot where she could lay her eggs. The story doesn’t end here, because after over an hour of digging she was not satisfied and moved on to yet another spot and started all over again.
What a night! After 4 days of heavy rains with hardly any turtles, last night was the busiest so far with over 16 new nests in the protection corral. Exactly at sunrise the last nest was secured bringing the total to 73 nests with 8,397 eggs.
The Protection Corral is ready for action!
As mentioned in our previous post we were busy preparing everything to construct the protection corral for the 2017 season. Finally it is done and just in time as we have noticed very high numbers of Sea Turtles arriving. After a few Green Sea Turtles it was nice that we recovered also the eggs of four Loggerhead Turtles. Hopefully we will also have some Hawksbill Sea Turtles this year (these are the rarest ones we get and last year we only protected one nest of this species with 103 eggs).
2017 Turtle Protection Season
Once again we are getting busy as the first turtles arrived on our beach to lay their eggs. Officially the protection program and turtle season starts on the first of May, but so far we have received “only” 12 Green Sea Turtles that deposited 1280 eggs. We expect much more movement over the next two weeks and hopefully have another successful season with these beautiful creatures.
Results of Cancun’s Sea Turtle season 2016
First of all a Happy New Year to all our followers, volunteers and friends. A few weeks ago the last baby turtles hatched and were released into the ocean; and finally we got the end results for the sea turtle season 2016 for whole Cancun. According to the Department of Ecology, the ones responsible for the program:
We've done it!
Yesterday our last two nests hatched and we could release another 67 baby sea turtles. With this our sea turtle season is over and it’s time to “balance the books”.
TV Report about Sea Turtle Protection Program in Cancun features us
The sea turtle season 2016 is coming to an end. With 422 collected and protected nests with nearly 50,000 eggs we, as in the previous year, looked after the most turtle eggs in our corral and released the most hatchlings in the Cancun area. The Department of Ecology, responsible for the sea turtle protection program on Cancun’s beaches, therefore asked Tim, the one in charge of our small project, to use our protection corral for a short TV report and to participate in an interview.
Tiny Albino Green Sea Turtle hatchling surprises us as turtle season is coming to an end
It’s the beginning of October and sea turtle season is coming to an end. The last few nights only a handful mother turtles came ashore to nest, so our work now is shifting more and more to releasing our lovely sea turtle hatchlings and cleaning the nests by opening them, removing empty eggs shells / undeveloped eggs and “rescuing” the one or other baby trapped in the nest underneath all the trash.